Over the course of two days, friends and family came out to celebrate Amalia’s first communion, and let me tell you: this family knows how to have a good time! Amalia’s closest friends and family attended the communion itself, and everyone reconvened in the parking lot for some photos together before the reception on the following day. Every last detail of this party was stunning: the food was absolutely decadent, the music got everyone up and dancing, the ice cream bar and cake cured any sweet tooth in the house, and overall, everyone who joined (of all ages at that) had a great afternoon. What a fantastic way for me to spend my weekend.

SchianodicolaCommunion-57 SchianodicolaCommunion-70 SchianodicolaCommunion-64

Here’s the following morning while the Schianodicola family got ready for the reception.
SchianodicolaCommunion-91 SchianodicolaCommunion-108 SchianodicolaCommunion-121 SchianodicolaCommunion-127 SchianodicolaCommunion-128 SchianodicolaCommunion-115 SchianodicolaCommunion-122

And here’s the reception! We got to the venue an hour early for some portrait shots and for me to grab some setting details before the party began.
SchianodicolaCommunion-135 SchianodicolaCommunion-139 SchianodicolaCommunion-142 SchianodicolaCommunion-203SchianodicolaCommunion-205 SchianodicolaCommunion-207 SchianodicolaCommunion-266 SchianodicolaCommunion-211 SchianodicolaCommunion-305

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