CJ & GiGi’s First Birthday – December 5th, 2015


To celebrate the twins’ first birthday, Monique and Christian arranged a Sesame Street-themed birthday party at the Rowan University Recreation Center. This party was a true labor of love as their friends and family lent a helping hand to set up the tables, chairs, decorations, food, games, and party favors. It was an honor to spend the afternoon celebrating the twins’ first birthday, and it’s beautiful to see Monique’s family grow over time.

Setting Up

FirstBirthdayDec0515-9 FirstBirthdayDec0515-11 FirstBirthdayDec0515-13 FirstBirthdayDec0515-14 FirstBirthdayDec0515-1 FirstBirthdayDec0515-5 FirstBirthdayDec0515-8

The Twins Arrive

FirstBirthdayDec0515-34 FirstBirthdayDec0515-59 FirstBirthdayDec0515-15 FirstBirthdayDec0515-24 FirstBirthdayDec0515-22 FirstBirthdayDec0515-62

Cake Smash

FirstBirthdayDec0515-63 FirstBirthdayDec0515-69 FirstBirthdayDec0515-70 FirstBirthdayDec0515-71 FirstBirthdayDec0515-77 FirstBirthdayDec0515-76 FirstBirthdayDec0515-78 FirstBirthdayDec0515-79 FirstBirthdayDec0515-81

Cake, Family, Friends, & Good Times

FirstBirthdayDec0515-38 FirstBirthdayDec0515-103 FirstBirthdayDec0515-105 FirstBirthdayDec0515-107 FirstBirthdayDec0515-119 FirstBirthdayDec0515-129 FirstBirthdayDec0515-169 FirstBirthdayDec0515-122 FirstBirthdayDec0515-150 FirstBirthdayDec0515-156 FirstBirthdayDec0515-151 FirstBirthdayDec0515-165 FirstBirthdayDec0515-172

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