Noelle Rae: One Month Old – November 30th, 2015

Month One

It’s hard to believe how quickly one month goes by when you’re a parent. Semesters at college, working while looking forward to the weekend, or watching a holiday on a calendar which seems to drag on forever and ever makes life feel like it goes by at a snail’s pace, but once we’ve had our baby, this first month seemed to go by faster than we can blink or even think.

To celebrate her one-month birthday, we set up a small photoshoot with our little Nugget. She was such a team player for our modest little set up.

B is for Bear.
Here is the bear which goes along with Mommy’s favorite crib sheet set B is for Bear. While she’s going to grow, I think it’ll be cute to look back on these and see just how tiny Noelle really was in her first year as compared to this teddy bear.
Month One
Month One
Month One

Monthly Status Update
Kick her over to the side so we can have room to insert text and updates about her. Her pacifier soothed her during this segment.
Month One
Month One

Building Blocks
Her name is redundant. “1 Month” is redundant. However, the date is not. We chose to use the blocks to mark off the date when these photos were taken during her first year of life. Here she got to lie on her back, roll around a bit, and be much more comfortable than sitting upright for the previous photos.
Month One
Month One
Month One

The plan, at this point, is to recreate these shots each month. There will be some variety as she grows and shuffles around, but the goal is to have twelve shots in each of these three positions to line up and watch her growth.

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