What a fun and creative photoshoot to reveal our first baby’s gender to the world!

Gender Reveal

It’s interesting to note that we took off our wedding bands for the picture in anticipation of the paint, but if you look closely, you can still see their indents on our ring fingers in that first image. Also, like my maternity shoot with the Muchas two weeks ago, I find that I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of recreating interesting and fun photographs from Pinterest or any other source.

Here’s a little tidbit of insight to the making of this photo:

– Two people
– One baby (in utero, preferable for this type of shot)
– DSLR (Manual mode) + 10-second timer
– Tripod
– Trip to Michaels
– Trip to A.C. Moore because Michaels failed us
– Solid white wall
– White T-shirt
– Pink puffy paint (If unsure of a shade, choose two or three to test on white paper first)
– Messy hands that cannot touch the camera. Inconvenient if the photographer is the one with the paint on his or her hands, as was this case.
– Messy shirt which actually bled through to the belly.


– Some quotes from this night:

“You pushed me forward. Stop it!”

“No, the heart isn’t right.”

“Dammit, I want the Scrabble tiles but I can’t in full faith post “ITS A GIRL” without an apostrophe.”

“Which pink is right?”

“What are you talking about? That’s not a heart!”

“Why are you pressing so hard? STOP IT!!”

“Am I on top or are you?”

“Push that button. Okay, push it again.”

“Hey, your flash didn’t go off.”

“Why are you opening your hands so wide?”

“Why are you not opening your hands wide enough?”