Mommy & Daughter

This was such an exciting and lovely day! As of 4:32pm on Sunday, June 28th 2015, we all got a new family member as Sloane Rose entered our world, and let me tell you: love is the best word I can use to describe this experience; as you look through the pictures and relive our first moments with her, love seeps through and bursts from each image towards Sloane, to the new Mommy & Daddy, for Sloane’s grandparents, and all other family members in attendance.

This bonding experience and captured moments truly showed me what family is all about, and Sloane could not possibly have been born to a closer, tighter family. Sloane – we all love you dearly!

The Waiting Room

Waiting Some More

Here we are in the waiting room. Anticipation was building with every passing moment, waiting for any word or sign from the nurses or doctors or Travis.  Tension and excitement built to the point where some of us were hesitant or resistant to go to the bathroom just next door in fear of missing out on hearing the news first-hand!

Dad: His Newest Title

“It’s a velociraptor!”

Travis finally burst through the doors and he simply could not contain his joy.

A Proud Grandfather

Dan, who is now promoted to a grandfather, cheered as he learned that it’s a girl!



Pure Excitement

Travis filled us in on all of the details: the baby’s sex, the baby’s name (Sloane Rose), Sloane’s birth time, Sloane’s weight, and a slew of other minor points.

Details, Details, Details

Jonnelly’s parents listened intently to the details, eagerly and anxiously waiting to go in to see their daughter and new granddaughter.


And we are finally allowed in to see mother and daughter.

Pure Bliss

Tears of Joy

I don’t think I have ever seen Jonnelly this happy. She is absolutely radiant in these images.

New Grandparents

New status: Grandparents.  The Sherwood clan has gained another.


First Looks

Grandpa Peeks In

The McGraths then got their turn to greet their new granddaughter.

Dad & Daughter


Travis and his new daughter shared some moments together.

Mom is Okay

Checking In

Jancy and Tammy checked in with Jonnelly, ensuring everything is okay.

Alone in a Crowded Room

At this point, Travis and his daughter were alone in this crowded room. Before this day, I always assumed feeling alone in a crowded room was a bad thing. Not anymore: this is a case during which it is an absolutely beautiful thing.

Lil Wiz

Mommy & Daughter

A New Beginning

At this point it’s clearly evident that a parent’s love for a child applies in multiple directions in this room; this love is everlasting, and it’s shown throughout the generations in this very room on this day.

Another Peek


Aunt Jancy

Jancy is now an aunt!

Grandfather & Granddaughter

Newest Member of the Family

Timeless Classic

The Sherwoods warmly embraced their new granddaughter.

In A Moment

Grandma B

The Next Generation

Grandparents Pose

The McGraths share another moment with their granddaughter.  If I’m not mistaken, it looks like Sloane actually smiled in this one!

Great Grandmother

Grandpa slowly passed Sloane to her Great Grandmother Nancy.

Great Granddaughter

Family Ties

Father and daughter take a step back to take it all in together, connecting back to a parent’s love for a child and how it never dies.

Social Media

Full Circle

Welcome to the world, Sloane!