This is arguable the most “artistic” and meta of the photos I’ve taken this calendar year. Here’s the set up for this image. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I wake up before the wife since I’m on teacher schedule and I’m lucky to sleep until 7am. I’ll come out to the living room, and while it’s still dark and quiet inside, we get morning sun and the sunshine shoots into the room. The tone changes per season, as a fall morning would look differently from our window than a winter morning than a summer morning.

This morning I walked out and saw this very image on the wall, and something dawned on me (forgive the pun). I hardly come across a family who does not hang some art or photos on their walls, as we do here. However, upon seeing this, I thought that there’s very little art on our walls which could compare to the beauty of nature and what’s going on outside. In other words, it doesn’t matter what we have on our walls, because there’s a beauty outside which simply cannot compare to a decorative painting or a photograph. Capturing its reflection through the photos on our wall further emphasizes how it outshines the rest of the art on our walls.

…And then I shoot myself in the foot and contradict this whole sentiment because rather than simply leaving it at this observation, I go ahead, grab the camera, and create a photograph out of it.