I Do

My wife was asked to be a part of Emily’s bridal party for her wedding in August of 2016. Of course she was thrilled to be a part of it, and this past weekend the full wedding party was invited out to a picnic for a day to hang out and get to spend some time together. I chose to tag along to capture some candids because they’re all a fun gang and one never knows what will happen when this group gets together.

First were the gifts. Catelin found a really creative and fun idea to create bracelets for the bridal party. Each one would have a funny line or quote to suit the girl, and Emily’s, the bride-to-be, would say “I Do” in white.



Look What I Got!


Gifts 1

Bridal Party 2

Not all of the guys showed up, though. Even missing one, the guys still had a great time between playing corn hole, throwing a football around, or trying to knock broken branches out of trees so they wouldn’t impale the girls.

The Boys Are Back In Town




Probably the most random part of the afternoon was when we noticed that there was actually a wedding taking place on the other side of the park. Why would we just leave it be? We decided to walk over and get close enough to watch and see what happens!

I Spy Me A Wedding

Bride-To-Be Observes