Tyler Alan Newborn – August 6th, 2015


Twelve days old.

At only twelve days old, baby Tyler has such a unique and infectious personality! His favorite things are eating, cuddling, and watching TV. Mom and Dad have seamlessly transitioned into parenthood (they are naturals!) and simply could not be happier. It was such a pleasure to hang with Tyler for this shoot – he brought a smile to all of our faces and hearts.

Evesham Fall Harvest Fest 2015

Yours truly will be at the Evesham Fall Harvest Fest 2015 this September. Along with The Lion’s Mane Salon and That’s Sew Rad Designs, we will be sharing a spot to sell our products, meet some new people, and spend a fun autumn afternoon in town.  Here is a promo photo I submitted this week to the festival so they know what types of photos I will be selling.


And that’s not all. I will post a full entry from the festival right here. The camera will be out, and I can’t wait to see what comes from this event. See you there!

Facelift 1.0

Aside from a new look and feel to the site, I’d like to introduce to you my newest banner for the website (the new collage at the top of the page and in this post itself).

I like this collage because I feel it shows off my range of photographic vision as I get more and more into photography as a hobby and side project. My photography ranges from the small (a 6″ Superman action figure) to the grand (sunsets and skylines), and all the love, emotions, beauty, and absolute wonder that falls between.

Blog Banner 1

My new banner!

Heatwave Nature Walk

New Jersey went through a three-day heatwave this week. From Sunday to Tuesday, the temperature climbed up to the mid to upper 90’s with a good 80% humidity. I decided to trek out into the woods to see what the natural wildlife was up to.

First, I finally caught a photo of a cardinal! I’ve been trying for about a year to snap one, but they seem to be much more elusive than the other birds I’ve photographed.

Heatwave Nature Walk

On the Wings of a Dream

To live a fulfilling life, one must experience all sorts of emotions and feelings. Life is never a static plane of existence; rather, it’s a collective sum of a variety of experiences, all for better and worse. We’ve all heard that we need to experience the rain in order to appreciate the sunshine, but life is more complicated than that black-and-white adage.

So, aside from the sunny days and blissful sunsets, there are times when darker, more gritty and true-to-life emotions will seep into my photography. Here are some photographs I’ve taken lately which I feel hint at some of the more complex and interesting experiences of the human condition. Some are dreamy, some are nitty-gritty, and others are downright creepy, but all of which are part of true life.

July 3rd Shenanigans

This person can be any one of us. Is she about to head into hard times? Is she just recovering from them? Either way, though faced with some harsh and treacherous conditions, she’s facing them head-on with confidence and self-assurance.

Downhill From Here

Is this uphill or downhill? Does it really matter? What awaits along the path you choose? Do you even have a choice?

A New Angle

Fear is a real thing. How do you react when faced with fear? Do you turn and run? Is it always so easy to face your fears? What is it that’s so unsettling about an eerie scene? What about the dark? Even as an adult, there’s still a hint of fear of the dark when completely isolated and alone.

On the Edge of a Dream

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” – Edgar Allen Poe.


“Happiness is only real when shared.” – Jon Krakauer (Into The Wild). Every face, every hand, every motion blur, and every shadow adds a new layer to the overwhelming amount of emotions conveyed within this image. All that I know is that the plethora of feelings and emotions here are shared, and that’s the most beautiful part of this image.

Smith Wedding Oct 4-13

There’s a true beauty within darkness if you’re only willing to open your eyes and fully embrace all it has to offer.

July 3rd Shenanigans

“Every living creature on Earth dies alone.” Grandma Death (Donnie Darko). What do you do when you get to the end of your line? Do you turn back? Can you ever really go back to the way it was before once you’re at the end of your rope? When you get to the end, are you really all alone? What comes after?

Sloane Rose Newborn Photos – July 4th, 2015

Sloane Rose Newborn Photoshoot

What a beautiful little girl with a sweet temperament and laid-back personality!  At only six days old, Sloane was the perfect model for this impromptu newborn session.  Aside from the festive July 4th outfit, Sloane also had a slew of “costumes” to wear: she was a range of animals from a turtle to a snail to a Very Hungry Caterpillar, and each outfit was cuter than the last.

This was a fun afternoon and it was an absolute pleasure to share this half-hour shoot with Travis and Jonnelly as they are also getting to know their precious little girl.  

Sloane Rose – June 28th, 2015

Mommy & Daughter

This was such an exciting and lovely day! As of 4:32pm on Sunday, June 28th 2015, we all got a new family member as Sloane Rose entered our world, and let me tell you: love is the best word I can use to describe this experience; as you look through the pictures and relive our first moments with her, love seeps through and bursts from each image towards Sloane, to the new Mommy & Daddy, for Sloane’s grandparents, and all other family members in attendance.

This bonding experience and captured moments truly showed me what family is all about, and Sloane could not possibly have been born to a closer, tighter family. Sloane – we all love you dearly!

Nature vs. Nurture

I am a nature-lover by nature.

Some of my favorite childhood memories was when I was four or five and I would join my grandfather for a walk along the pier in Brooklyn near Canarsie to enjoy the weather and the sea breeze. Another favorite memory was hiking with my father and brother through various trails in the woods around New Jersey; I liked it so much I continued the tradition recently with my dog by taking him to these same trails for a long walk. When I first got the camera, without even thinking twice, my first few dedicated “camera outings” were to local parks and trails to capture photos of nature and the wildlife.

I fully believe that very little compares to the beauty of nature or wildlife in their natural habitats and environments. It reminds me of what life is all about and how all the constructs, thoughts, and drama in our daily lives can just be an illusion or, at the very least, not as important as they may seem to be.

However, a zoo has wildlife and animals which I could only dream of ever seeing in real life in their natural settings. I am an English teacher in New Jersey by trade, and a local photographer, musician, and soon-to-be father: when would I get the chance to travel to an African safari to see a lion or a gazelle? When would I ever get to see a penguin swimming or an elephant or hippo bathing in a lake?

I was never a big fan of the zoo as I was growing up. While the zoo facilities nurture the animals’ basic needs, I see it as captivity and restraining for the animals, although the animals probably don’t know any better as they were born and raised in this life and don’t know anything different. Therefore, I typically passed on any trips to the zoo. However, photography at a zoo suddenly added a new factor and challenge to the mix, so this past weekend, the wife and I chose to go to the Philadelphia Zoo.

Philadelphia Zoo

A Sunday Stroll in the Neighborhood

I took a stroll around the neighborhood this past Sunday. This was the same neighborhood in which I’ve first taken the camera out when I bought it last April and had no idea what I was doing. The photo evidence from that first afternoon out is atrocious but necessary.

I never know what I will find when I walk around with the camera in this area. I once saw a red-tailed hawk perched atop a tree, but I didn’t have the confidence to shoot this bird well. I am still on the hunt to snap a good photo of a cardinal and a bluejay as they dance and float around my town, but I still have no luck. On other days, I go out with no luck at all. So as I walked out the front door, I wondered what would I find?

Blackbird Fly

A Moment Extended

Every once in a while as I am learning photography, I dive into longer shutter speeds.

You’ve seen photos at all different shutter speeds. At times the photographer wants to freeze everything in the frame with a really fast shutter; at other times, the photographer will try to get some motion blur with a bit of a slower shutter speed. Sometimes, with a much longer shutter speed, one can achieve something incredible and visually appealing.

This is my humble attempt at playing around with a longer shutter over the past year.


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